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The subjects of a state desire the prosperity of the king
who wishes to promote the welfare of the state. It should not
be said that the desire of the subjects is of no use (to the king) ;
for, does not Grod, who is immanent in all the people from
Brahmans downwards, fulfil their unanimous desire ?          (2)

The king should have power to command; even the com-
mands of the chiefs of the Abhlrs and the Bhils are obeyed
(at the sight of) an arrow or a string of yarn ; * should not
all people fear the commands of a sovereign who is an
emperor ?                                                                           (B)

Entrust (the command of) the forts only to Brahmans in
whom you have confidence; and place no small forces under
them, having in fhe plenitude of your power, lost the fear (of
enemies).                                                                            (4)

No one who is at first raised to a high position remembers
his former humble condition, if he is subsequently, reduced;
but becomes enraged. So, increase his status gradually
observing his conduct 5 and exact service from him on all
possible occasions.                                                               (5)

If you desire to rule the kingdom, do not entertain in your
service a man of low birth, a resident of the hamlet of the
hunters, a person who has not learnt under a preceptor, an
audacious liar, a murderer, an impudent and vicious fellow or
a stranger, though he be a Brahman.                                   (6)

Don't entertain (in your service) an outcaste and one who
is brought up in a hamlet of the hunters (though he be a
Brahman by birth). Did not formerly an outcaste Brahman
kill for the sake of a single meal a heron that protected
him?f                                                                               (7)

* The author allndw to the practice of the chief* of wild tribes of giving a stranger
an arrow oar a string of yarn for safe conduct 'While passing through the tribal domain.
fThft  allusion is  to tbt story of the ontcart* Brahman, Gautama, and&
Napjaagha, narrated i& the *ntipvnmn. of the M*k&Kraia*